Homeschool Program 2023-2024

The Good Shepherd Homeschool Academy classes are structured to offer full course instruction with experiential and hands-on opportunities once a week on Fridays. The expectation for work-at-home is required to achieve mastery of the material presented during the in-person classes. Homework and assignments will be balanced with a week to week schedule determined by the teacher’s scope and sequencing of the course. Parents will be kept informed of assignments and their due dates in order to keep the student on track and prepared for class participation on Fridays. Each class can be considered a full course and will not need additional curriculum to supplement course work. However, parent oversight and follow through will be needed for successful completion of each class. Parents will agree to review and grade work-at-home assignments and return to the teacher as specified by the teacher. Parents are considered the primary educator with the assistance and the support from the Homeschool Academy as the secondary educator. It is a meaningful partnership in the education of the student.

Homework, tests, projects and reading will be evaluated and graded. Students will be expected to complete all required assignments for successful completion of the course. Grades will be provided for class work, assignments and tests but they will not be considered official transcripts.

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