The Good Shepherd Academy is a K-12 independent Catholic school located in Pomona, California. It was started by parents and others to provide classical Catholic education in the Inland Empire. It enrolled its first students in September, 2021.

The Good Shepherd Academy emphasizes orthodox Catholic faith, the artistic and intellectual achievements of Western Civilization, and the development of virtue. It also collaborates closely with parents in the education of their children.

The Good Shepherd Academy has both a four-day a week school and a one-day a week homeschool academy. The four-day a week school has classes on Monday-Thursday of each week. The homeschool academy has classes on Friday of each week.

The Good Shepherd Academy seeks to serve Catholic families who have an overriding desire for their children to maintain their Catholic faith while receiving a high quality Catholic education.

The Good Shepherd Academy is cognizant of the need of families to fortify their children against secularizing trends that tend to undermine the faith.

The Good Shepherd Academy provides an authentic Catholic experience that educates and forms students through a classical curriculum that exposes students to objective truth, beauty and goodness that ultimately leads to the glory of God.

The Good Shepherd Academy is in St. Madeleine Catholic Church parish, where the four-day school students attend morning Mass daily. The school enjoys a close relationship with the pastor of St. Madeleine, Father Manuel Leon Bravo.

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